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The CEO's creation, our phoenix emblem, is like a daily dose of hope hanging in our workspace. It's not just a drawing; it's a powerful reminder that setbacks are just stepping stones to something better. As a small company, we are reminded to approach challenges with renewed energy and resilience. It's like our own little symbol of hope, telling us that we can rise stronger from every setback.

We are thrilled to acquaint you with the accomplished professionals at Mosaic Consulting Co. Our team comprises experts in their respective fields, who are a perfect match for your organization. We prioritize personalization, taking time to comprehend your organization's particular requirements and tailoring our approach accordingly.

Our Mission

Mosaic Consulting Co is a survivor-led and created business that focuses on organizational coaching, evaluation, education, assessment and policy creation with an emphasis on DEI, survivor leadership, standards of care and trauma-informed practices. We are filling a unique gap in the anti-human trafficking field where we offer a quantitative evaluation and grading system called STEPS which assess the level of trauma-informed practices, standards of care and survivor leadership for any organization or business with direct service provision to survivors of exploitation.

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